Gracie was born without two front legs. The newborn puppy was dumped by her owners mercilessly because of this inborn defect. When she was rescued, she had maggots all over her body and hair under her eyes was missing. One can barely tell what suffering she had to endure since she was born, but for sure, the life she will be facing will not be an easy one.

Luckily, the Turley family decided to adopt her. The family runs a shelter of their own and already had other disabled pets living with them. They have a three-legged Chihuahua and a paralyzed dog. They thought Gracie seemed to be a perfect addition to their growing family. The family, however, was worried about Gracie’s mobility. She’s still a growing puppy, and so wheelchair fitting is not yet advisable at the moment.

They were already losing hope until a 12-year-old volunteer named Dylan came up with a very bright idea. He thought of building a makeshift wheelchair for Gracie using Lego bricks. The lego materials are perfect to use because they can flexibly adjust to the growing pup.

Dylan’s idea was brilliant! His project was successful! Gracie was able to start walking effortlessly with the use of the makeshift wheelchair. She kept the wheelchair until she was old enough for the wheelchair fitting. It did not take long before she got her “forever” wheelchair.

Gracie was able to live her life like any other dog. While having a fun time with her siblings, she would run around in her wheelchair to chase balls. Thanks to  Dylan’s successful idea, Gracie was able to stay happy and healthy. Her disability did not hinder her from living a healthy life with her family, who loved her dearly!

Watch more of Gracie’s fantastic journey in the video below.

Source: Amazing Gracie via Youtube


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