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Kids and dogs are so adorable, especially when they can spend time together without any kind of conflict. Those who have seen this in action can say that the friendship that dogs and kids have is definitely so pure.

Studies have shown that having dogs around kids is not a bad idea at all. Many families get a dog when they have small children in the house. The dog becomes the child’s playmate, and they become BFFs.

This story is about a kid and a dog who have a really beautiful friendship, and what simply makes it more interesting is that the dog is not owned by the kid and his family. The dog belongs to their neighbor.

Dozer is the dog, and he is friends with Conway. They are playmates and could not stop enjoying playtime despite a fence that separates them. Dozen would usually wait by the fence for Conway so they can have moments of fun.

When Conway is ready to play with him, Dozer would take his ball and then drop it over the fence. Conway would then run towards the ball and throw it back. Dozer then runs after it and picks it up and drops it back over. And that is how their game works.

According to their families, the two friends would do this for hours and hours. They are both enjoying what they are doing, and it is fine with their families. Conway’s laughter and Dozer’s wagging tail would tell you a lot.

A video was taken of the two while they played their own game. It was Conway’s father who decided to record everything, and he uploaded it on the internet. Now, the whole world is happy to watch this video again and again. How we all wish we had a neighbor who had a dog like Dozer!

Source: ABC Television Stations


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