Julie Wilson works as a field reporter for an ABC News affiliate station named WTVD. When the town of New Bern in North Carolina was ravaged by a hurricane, she was sent by her network to report on the developments in the area.

Once there, she immediately launched a live stream to capture the rescue efforts that were being done by the responders and the community. She was there to let everyone know the predicament involving the residents. But she soon got caught up in helping the people, and their dogs.

Therapy dog

The live stream started with Julie wading to knee-high floodwaters, following rescuers as they roam the neighborhood. They are looking for people that need assistance.

After a few minutes, a woman approached Julie and told her that her son’s therapy dog, a large rottweiler, was trapped inside their house. With the danger of more water coming, the reporter told her to evacuate their dog.

The homeowner went back to her house and emerged with their pet. The combination of the strong current and the wriggling of the large pooch made it difficult for her to hang on to the dog. She eventually lost her grip on the animal.

Split-second decision

The dog fell to the floodwater, which reached his chest level. There was the real danger that the therapy dog could be swept away by the current. The reporter, still streaming, didn’t hesitate and ran to the rottweiler to grab his collar. She then hoisted the pup to her arms.

She was still holding her camera while she struggled to bring the pooch to higher ground. All the while, one thought kept running in her mind. This dog will not be left behind.

Eventually, a group of rescuers arrived with a small boat. They then put the pooch inside. Julie then went back to reporting.

Later that day, more rains arrived, and the water level rose. Thankfully, most everyone, including animals, was evacuated.

Source: Julie Wilson via Facebook

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