To live is the most precious privilege – this rings true for three of the seven newborn pups who survived the bitter cold in Romania.

Seven little pups

Found abandoned by rescuers in a remote area, seven little puppies shivered and cried for help. They were left in a plastic bag and left to die.

Rescue workers raced against time to save these precious babies. Sadly, four of them passed shortly after getting rescued. Taz, Lizzie, and Bernie, the surviving trio, fought hard for this life and lived to tell the tale.

Looking at the picture above, you’d never think that Taz went through a tough time, and survived. Just look at that adorable face and tummy! Our rescuers say that Taz finds the most complicated path to his destination- like walking over his brother and sister to get there.

Lizzie fell behind her brothers in development, but rescuers tell us that she’s able to cope. She’s now a healthy, fully trained, socialized dog!

Bernie loves his milk- and no wonder he’s the most energetic of the three. Who would not like to care for this adorable, triple-toned pup?

Isn’t it heartwarming to see them play together, oblivious to their past and excited for their future? They know they’re in this together, might as well enjoy!

Rescuers play a definitive role, and even so, they need all the help they could get. A shelter dog named Theia lent a helping paw in training these newbies in developing their socializing skills.

While the shelter provides for these dogs, our triumphant trio awaits the time they’d get into their loving forever homes. Whether they get separated, or they all get adopted by one family, their bond’s sure to last forever.

Thanks to our rescuers for doing all they can to raise these furballs and help them live their best life! You are the real heroes in this story!

Image credits to Howl of a Dog via YouTube


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