The Howl Of A Dog organization found these three black puppies abandoned on the side of an extremely busy road. Just a few feet away from where the rescuers spotted them was a plastic crate and a bottle of water, most likely left there by the same people that abandoned them. The puppies, on the other hand, were completely oblivious to how close they were to the busy road and played with each other like they were in their own backyard.

After checking out the surrounding area to make sure they didn’t miss any other puppy, they brought the three that they found over to the car and drove straight for the shelter. Jack, Jane, and Julia were more than happy to let their rescuers carry them, perhaps thinking it that was just going to be another game that they could play. If anything, they were grateful to be receiving attention at all.

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Once the puppies arrived at the shelter, they were given a bath together, during which they were on their best behavior. They had fleas and dirt all over their skin and fur which must have itched a lot. They enjoyed being thoroughly cleaned and when they were all dry and smelling better, the playful attitudes resurfaced.

Despite the widespread availability of the option to neuter pets in Romania, many people still opt to abandon unwanted puppies wherever they please, instead of bringing them to shelters to be cared for. This is either due to their ignorance of the options that are available to them — or a deliberate refusal to make a decent effort on behalf of the dogs that they’re giving up. They have their reasons, but it’s the abandoned pet that has to fend for themselves in the middle of nowhere.

Luckily, Jack, Jane, and Julia were still in very good health when they were found. And now they’re ready to find their forever home.

Source: Howl Of A Dog via YouTube




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