A mother is always selfless when it comes to her children. She would do everything for their sake, but there are times when a mother cannot fulfill her role due to circumstances. The case here of a newborn piglet and a mama dog was totally different.

The newborn piglet was taken care of by the mama dog. Unfortunately, the piglet was separated from her mother right after she was born. The rate of survival was little because there was no presence of the mother during the infant stage. Unfortunately, some newborn animals wouldn’t survive without mothers on their side.

Luckily, the loving dog came by her side to fulfill the role of her lost mother, and she was the Rhodesian Ridgeback dog named Katjinga. She was already a mother, and it was not difficult anymore to perform the duties. The piglet was so tiny when her birth mother abandoned her. The said the family who found the piglet owned dod.

The piglet did not think that she would have the mama dog, and she was very thankful because she helped her survive. Despite the abandonment of her birth mother, she was blessed to have the mama dog as a replacement. She finally experienced love and care that were sincerely given by her new mother.

Katjinga, the mama dog, gave the motherly affection that the piglet was longing for. She did not hesitate to provide what the piglet needed to survive. They immediately created a bond regardless of their breeds, and they proved they loved each other unconditionally.

Their breeds were not barriers for them to find love from each other. No actions could express the joy that the piglet felt when she met her. Finally, she had her mama dog and a new family by her side to love her unconditionally!

Credits to Barcroft Animals


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