Living with a unique condition can sometimes hinder us from fully interacting with other people. Since most people feel apprehensive about how others react to their situation, they prefer isolating themselves rather than hear hurtful words.

However, a double-amputee dog doesn’t have to feel that way as her foster parent decides to take her as a family member permanently. How do you think the pooch reacted to this news?

Are you serious with that, Mom?

In this heart-warming footage, n energetic brown-furred pooch named Nellie jumps around their bedroom. By the looks of it, something made Nellie ecstatic as she continues with her dynamic activity.

As the pooch carries on with hopping and running around the room, Mom asks Nellie if she’s happy that she’s staying with her. But, instead of barking in response, Nellie runs around the room.

It turns out, Nellie’s foster mom permanently made the pooch a member of her family despite being a double-amputee dog. And, it seems Nellie’s ecstatic with the news as she shows it through her actions.

Love you so much, Mom!

As the video progressed, nothing can seem to stop Nellie from her energetic sprint across their bedroom. But, as Mom continued talking to the ecstatic doggo, Nellie finally responded to Mom and started sauntering towards the bed.

The moment the happy pooch reached the bed, Mom playfully yet adorably pats its head to show her love for the dog. And, Nellie’s loving every moment of it as she even inclines her head and body towards Mom’s hand.

After such an affectionate gesture, Nellie then vocally expresses her feelings as she starts yapping. After that, the pooch resumes running and jumping across the room with another toy in tow.

How do you think Mom reacted towards the adorable pooch’s response to her adoption? It’s best to check out the linked video and see the pooch in live-action.

Video Credit: Rumble Viral via YouTube


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