Maya has been wondering why her Hooman (a popular term for dog owners) was hugging her all day long. Although she finds it satisfying, her confused and cute reaction indeed captivated the hearts of many viewers.

A Samoyed (pronounced as sam-mi-yed) is one of the oldest dog breeds in the world and is known for always having a happy expression known as the ‘Sammy smile’. The dog’s most outstanding features are their majestic thick white coat and their almond-shaped eyes. Their ears and tails are also furry and long like the rest of its body.

In the video, we can see the pet owner’s frequently brushing Maya’s fur with her hands. She continues to snuggle the dog, which is satisfying to watch. Not only that, Maya responds to the brushing of her fur and the pet owner’s hugs with a cozy roll on the lap for a little nap.

A Samoyed’s fur takes a lot of discipline to take care of, most especially because it’s thick. You will need to brush its fur all the time to maintain a healthy white coat. Samoyeds shed a lot of hair during shedding seasons, and they also need a cooler environment to compensate for the fur’s thickness. But hey, these things wouldn’t be a hassle! You won’t even mind your hardships when this cute, happy, friendly, and loving creature can turn every dull moment in your life to a bright and happier one.

As the pet owner continues to snuggle Maya with hugs and brushes for hours, the dog had a priceless reaction! Maya, after suspecting that her Hooman was joking around, left the place and acted as if she already had enough of such Hooman tricks! Now, how cute is that?

See the cute and funny moment in this video.

Source: mayapolarbear via YouTube


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