Jakey is a typical Rottweiler who is protective of her family, but Jakey is also protective of the family’s bread! Whenever Katrina Frank and her family leave the house, Jakey makes sure to “guard” whatever bread is in the home.

Katrina said her dog Jakey began watching over bags of bread four years ago when the family moved to a farm. Whenever Katrina would leave the house, Jakey would grab the bread and hide it.

Katrina likes to put all the bread into a bread box on the kitchen counter. Six-year-old Jakey likes to hop up on the counter and pull the bread out of the box. If Katrina puts the bread inside the pantry closet instead, the Rottweiler will nudge the pantry door open and take the bread. Katrina has even resorted to putting the bread in the refrigerator, but Jakey will open the fridge door and retrieve it there, too!

Although Jakey loves to guard the bags of bread, she has never taken a bite out of the bags. Jakey makes sure no one else does, either. Katrina said her Rottweiler loves to put bags of bread behind the sofa and lay next to them. Sometimes, Jakey will put a bag of bread in Katrina’s bedroom closet.

Katrina thinks Jakey protects the bread because she sees the family use it so much. The Rottweiler must have figured the bread is very important to the family.

Whenever Katrina comes home, Jakey will lead her to the hidden bread, usually with guilt written all over her face. Katrina is used to Jakey’s funny antics and knows she’ll always find the bread.

Katrina also said that if the family is out of bread, Jakey will find another type of baked good to guard. One time, the funny Rottweiler took a container of cookies from the kitchen counter and hid every cookie individually, all over the house. When Jakey was done hiding the cookies, she showed Katrina where every one of them was hidden.

If there are no baked goods in the house, Jakey will start guarding the butter! Jakey is going to make sure her family never goes without the essentials.

Credits: Katrina Frank Facebook


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