When Bethany Castiller decided to get a dog, she was firm about one condition: that dog must get along well with her cats. She ultimately adopted a rescue pitbull named Mako, and to Bethany’s surprise, Mako seems to forget that he’s a dog.

Meet Mako

One look at Mako, and you’ll see he’s one handsome pooch. This pit bull was adopted from a local shelter and is now living with his humans and two feline siblings.

Bethany could very well recall her first time seeing Mako at the shelter. Mako had his back against the cage. When Bethany tapped him, Mako looked over his shoulder, and they made eye contact. Bethany fell in love with Mako right away.

But what’s intriguing about Mako is that he doesn’t act like a dog at all. Mako does not eat dog food and doesn’t bark. He’s just a very chill pooch.

Mako, the pittycat

What’s more mind-blowing is that Mako eats cat food with his feline best friends, Pecan and Gizmo. When he sees the cats lounging on elevated surfaces such as countertops, Mako climbs over as well. Mako was even spotted standing on top of the fridge. Bethany calls him “pittycat.” His handle name on Instagram is mako_thecatdog.

According to Bethany, if Mako isn’t hanging out with his humans, he’s likely chilling out with Pecan and Gizmo. Where the two cats go, Mako would follow and try to squeeze his huge body in between. He even likes to birdwatch by the windowsill with them.

Pecan and Gizmo are warm and welcoming of Mako’s company. The three of them are a sight to see. Bethany is happy that all her furbabies aren’t just getting along very well, but treat each other as best friends.

Despite Mako’s tendency to act like a cat, he is nonetheless loved by his entire family. Want to see something cute? Watch Mako’s viral video below.

Thanks to mako_thecatdog

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As a little girl living in the country side without many neighbors, my dog Sostee became my best friend. We shared an immense bond and I fell in love with these loving, beautiful and wonderful creatures. I knew from a tender age that I wanted to work with animals. I worked at the Humane Society of Northwest Indiana for a few years, and have experience with a variety of dogs and cats. When I’m not working as semi-retired Assistant Administrator in a Home Health Care Agency in Merrillville Indiana, I am a grandma frolicking with my active grandchildren and my sweet dog, Kresi.


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