Many people take their time and enjoy the wonderful sights nature has to offer by taking a hike. It’s an active way to appreciate the quietness and beauty of nature all at the same time. This was the expectation two hikers had as they explored Mt. Glorious National Park in Australia up until they heard desperate cries from a nearby creek bed. When they investigated the origins of this terrible noise, they discovered an unfortunately lost pup wandering in the mountain, crying for help.

The hikers didn’t know how the pup got lost in the woods, deeply far away from anyone who could hear her. The pup was clearly distressed and wanted to return home to her family, as the woods were no place for a dog like her.

The two hikers didn’t want to startle the pup because she could easily run away deeper into the woods, so they had to make a careful plan to resolve the situation. Knowing how much was at stake, the two realized they had to earn the pup’s trust to help her so she wouldn’t be scared of them. After all, the pup running off would be the last thing they’d want to happen.

With enough determination, the hikers were able to let the pup know they were there to help her. It wasn’t long after that the pup loosened up and allowed the hikers to bring her to safety.

However, although the pup trusted the two hikers, she was visibly tired from running around the mountain in search of help. She couldn’t run any further, so the hikers had to come up with yet another plan.

Thankfully, they had a bag which they turned into the dog’s stretcher. They carefully placed the pup inside the bag and carried her all the way to the park’s visitor center where she’d get all the help she needed.

Discover what happens next to the hikers and the pup with this video!

Video from YouTube Zoo Land


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