In Central Valley, California, a pregnant pit bull named Zia lived in an animal shelter. She’s almost due to give birth when a woman noticed her.

Noelani is an animal rights advocate and regularly fosters dogs to get them ready for adoption. While in Central Valley, Noelani decided to look for a dog in the shelter to foster, which was where she noticed Zia the pit bull.

The first time Noelani saw Zia, she saw the dog shaking and almost due to give birth. She knew that she had to provide her with a safe place to give birth to her puppies. So, she decided to foster Zia so she can have a safe place to give birth to her puppies.

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What Noelani didn’t realize was how far along Zia is in her pregnancy. It didn’t take long for Noelani to notice Zia’s nesting behavior. She was starting to gather rugs and setting it up in a large basin for her to give birth in.

Soon after that, Zia gave birth to four adorable pit bulls. Noelani was there to witness it all, and she also decided to foster all of Zia’s puppies until they’re ready to for adoption.

It wasn’t long until Noelani noticed that the puppies have their unique personalities. One was very vocal, another was adventurous, the third one was full of mischief, and the last one is timid.

Thanks to Noelani’s care, all four puppies made it along with their mom, Zia. When the puppies were ready for adoption, Noelani took them to Fresno Bully Rescue.

Loving families adopted all the puppies. Here’s a video showing how Noelani found Zia and how she cared for the pregnant pit bull and her puppies. Thanks to Noelani, dogs like Zia and her puppies can get a forever home with loving families.

Video Source The Dodo via YouTube

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