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Dog competitions are now becoming a thing among dog lovers. The most common contest we have right now for pooches is the agility competition. Since it is a competition, one needs to be competitive. But for some owners, it is not always the winning that counts, but the effort of their dog.

There are indeed owners who are competitive and want their beloved dogs to win. But some are already happy seeing their pets compete. One of the dogs who wish to compete is Baron Kratu Von Bearbum or Kratu.

Based in England, the pooch tried his luck yet again in the dog agility contest. He has been working his luck in the previous years but to no avail.

While he has not won any of the competitions in the past, the pooch does not mind at all. What is essential for him to is to make other people happy. And he enjoys the spotlight given to him because of his funny acts.

You may wonder why the audience enjoy watching Kratu? The reason for this is that the dog does not follow the rules of the game. In short, he deviates from the technicalities and does his ways.

In one instance of the competition, Kratu made a lot of u-turns inside the tunnel, which is a prohibited act. He likewise dodged all the hurdles that came his way, seemingly drawing laughter from the audience.

Tessa Eagle Swan, Kratu’s owner and trainer, is not at all alarmed with what her dog is doing. During the race, Swan is very supportive of Kratu. She was even calm whenever she would attempt to redirect the dog to the right path.

For Swan, the competition is one of their bonding sessions. Since Kratu is enjoying the limelight of the race, she is supportive of it. Winning is no longer the goal, according to Swan. What is essential for her is to see her pooch happy.

Credits to Crufts.


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