Dogs, no matter how old or young it is, deserve to have a forever home.

Sadly, senior dogs are the least priority to be adopted from shelters. Potential dog owners think that senior dogs have special needs and have a personality change due to old age.

One photographer in Los Angeles thought of something extraordinary to make senior dogs look presentable and impressive to potential adopters.

Casey Elise is a professional photographer based in Los Angeles, California. She specializes in lifestyle and pet photography.

Besides, Casey is also an animal lover. She has been regularly volunteering at West Los Angeles Animal Shelter (WLAAS) since 2014. As a volunteer, Casey takes photos of the dogs residing at WLAAS, looking for their forever homes. She helps the dogs to find their forever homes by taking its quirky and fun images.

Casey has observed that since she took photos of the dogs at the shelter, the adoption rates increased. She usually takes pictures of the least adoptable dogs in the center, like senior dogs, pit bulls, and dogs with disabilities.

Casey has also noticed that dogs whose tongues were out to get the highest response. To capture the wacky side of the dogs, she is using the most-effective trick: putting peanut butter near the dog’s lips!

For her latest photo project, she wants to showcase the senior dog’s funny side. All the photos of the old dogs that she took have their tongues out, thanks to the peanut butter trick!

When potential adopters see the fun, crazy, and playful side of the dogs, they get interested to know more about the dogs. They pay a visit to the shelter and inquire more about the dogs.

Casey will never stop taking photos of animals that need homes forever.

Thank you, Casey, for lending your time and talent!

Photo courtesy of Casey Elise via Shutterstock


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