Life can get pretty extravagant, especially if you are the most pampered dog in the city. Have you ever met one? If you haven’t, then grab a cup of your favorite drink, get comfy, and read on! Today, I will personally be introducing you to the most pampered dog in New York City.

The pup who has a hold of this title is a Shih Tzu named Mochi. Mochi lives the life of a princess! Whenever she wants to go shopping, she and her owner hit the stores. Mochi is a very extroverted dog and adores the spotlight. Mochi also has lots of followers on Instagram, which boosts her confidence even more. When Mochi and her owner go shopping, the latter buys her whatever clothes, accessories, and food she likes. Whenever Mochi sniffs or scratches an object, her owner buys it for her (It was at this moment I knew the dog’s life is better than mine).

Mochi often has photoshoots, so she has to be perfect all the time. The question that her owner gets a lot is how she manages to keep Mochi’s hair purely white. According to her, they brush her hair every day. Mochi also takes a bath once a week, have some blueberry facial, and every four to six weeks, to the dog salon for full grooming services. I, on the other hand, barely have enough time for a pedicure.

Whenever there is another dog around, Mochi tends to throw a small fit because she thinks that the other dog is taking her spotlight. The adorable white Shih Tzu turns green with envy! Setting aside all of that, I think we can all agree on one thing: Mochi is a very cute pooch!

Watch the adorable Mochi and check out the life we can only dream about:

Source: Refinery29 via YouTube


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