You may think nothing is wrong when you purchase a puppy from a puppy mill. What you don’t see, however, is the condition that the dogs endure every day. Dogs are nothing more than breeding machines in a puppy mill, and when the time comes when these dogs are no longer capable of breeding, they are either left to die or abandoned in the streets.

Such is the sad reality of puppy mills. But even now, there are over 10,000 active puppy mills in the US alone. Dogs are neglected, and sometimes they aren’t fed for days on end.

A mother dog isn’t even given enough time to rest. They are made to breed again weeks after they give birth. People who run puppy mills are only after the puppies, and so the breeding pairs are usually neglected.

One such dog is a Yorkie that was rescued from a puppy mill. The poor Yorkie was made to breed all his life. He is kept in a small and cramped cage, deprived of necessities such as grooming and a well-deserved bath. The dog’s fur has become so matted that you could barely see his eyes through his thick coat.

Thankfully, the puppy was about to undergo a fantastic transformation with the help of an expert groomer. In the featured video, the Yorkie can be seen taken out of his cage. The dog has not taken a bath in a very long time, as evident from his fur’s condition.

As the groomer gently cuts away at the matted fur, more and more of the beautiful dog begins to surface. The dog’s eyes are finally visible, and he is finally looking more like a proper Yorkie. Even while being groomed, the dog can be seen trembling, a clear sign that he is terrified of what he has experienced.

Fortunately for this little dog, he is now in good hands and will someday be part of a loving family. Watch the dog’s transformation in the video below.

Source Viktor Larkhill via Youtube


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