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Dogs are a vital part of the family, especially to those who are dog lovers. So, it is always a feel-good emotion when we hear stories of dogs being reunited with their loved ones after going missing.

This narrative is specifically true to this family from North Carolina. The reunion happened five years after their dog, Zoey, went missing for reasons still unknown to them until this day.

While the family was not named, the Guilford County Animal Shelter Facebook page shared the good news to their followers. According to the post, the family was ecstatic to know that their pooch suddenly turned up to the dog shelter.

It came as a surprise on the part of the family given the long years they were separated. All these years, they knew they would no longer see Zoey. But fate had different plans.

The reunion was made possible by the volunteers of the dog shelter who did everything to track Zoey’s rightful owners. According to the Facebook post, when Zoey arrived at the shelter, she had with her a microchip.

With the microchip, the volunteers started their work in looking for potential leads on Zoey’s origin. All of them worked diligently during this phase. Once they were sure who the owners of Zoey were, they immediately called them through the phone.

The family, on the other hand, was clueless and did not expect to receive such good news. The volunteers then relayed that Zoey was under their custody. They described the pooch as playful and very sweet.

When they learned about Zoey’s case, the family immediately went to the dog shelter to verify if it was their dog. Per the Facebook post, the family positively identified that the dog was indeed Zoey.

The family was very thankful to the volunteers who made the reunion possible. In return, the dog shelter used Zoey’s story as a reminder to their followers that their dogs must have a microchip.

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Posted by Guilford County Animal Services on Thursday, August 22, 2019

Credits to Guilford County Animal Services.


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