A few weeks ago, a little black dog from Thailand had a frightening predicament. The pup got separated from his owner and ended up wandering all alone in the big, wide world. However, instead of waiting for his mom to find him, the clever dog decided to seek help himself.

It was not clear how long the poor dog has been missing or how far he has been desperately wandering to look for his home. However, what is clear is that the pup was unable to find his way back home on his own. The lost dog came up with the next best thing to do, though, and his solution was the key to his rescue.

มีเรื่องเล่าจากคลินิก มีน้องหมาพันธุ์ไทยหลังอานหลงทางหาทางกลับบ้านไม่เจอ น้องหมาตัวนี้เคยมาฉีดวัคซีนที่คลินิกประจำตั้งแต่1เดือนตอนนี้น้องอายุประมาณ4-5เดือน น้องผู้ช่วยเห็นน้องประมาณเกือบๆ2ทุ่ม เดินไปเดินมา แต่จำน้องได้เพราะมาประจำ น้องมาเห่าเรียกที่ประตูเหมือนอยากจะเข้ามาในคลินิก ดูจากท่าทางกลับบ้านไม่ถูกคุณหมอเลยให้น้องผู้ช่วยเปิดประตูให้น้องเข้ามาในคลินิกน้องดีใจมาก และโทรหาเจ้าของให้มารับน้อง เจ้าของหาน้องตั้งแต่15.00น เจ้าของดีใจน้องหมาก็ดีใจที่เจอกัน ❤️❤️❤️ ทางคลิกก็ดีใจ น่ารักและฉลาดมากค่ะ

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The lost dog managed to find the Putahracsa Veterinary Clinic. This was his vet’s office, where his owner took him for vaccination a few months back. The clinic’s security camera captured the pup’s arrival. Despite his scary situation, he patiently waited out front until one of the staff inside noticed his presence.

Fortunately, one of the clinic’s staff members soon saw the lost dog outside their busy office and immediately realized that he was their former patient. She contacted the pup’s worried owner, informing her that her dog was in their custody.

Posted by พุทธรักษา รักษาสัตว์ ตลาดสดนิคมบางปู on Tuesday, July 7, 2020


The dog’s owner, later on, picked him up. The fur mom was smiling from ear to ear and was so relieved to get reunited with him. Sure enough, the smart pup knew precisely what to do and where he could get the help that he needed. It did not take so long for his frightening ordeal to have a happy ending, all because of his own cleverness.

The clinic shared the footage of the incident, saying that the owner was happy, and so was the dog. If only all cases of missing pups could have the same happy ending, no pet or pet parent would ever have to worry again.

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