Betty is a senior dog that has lived with her family ever since she was a pup. For 17 years, she was a loyal dog, happy to be where she is. Sadly though, her previous owners had to move and decided to have a baby.

Because Betty’s sight and hearing were slowly going away, it would be difficult for them to care for her and a new baby. So they decided to surrender their pet to the shelter of Animal HAve, a charity rescue group in New York.

The golden years

Despite her failing eyesight and hearing, Betty was surprisingly in good health. She suffered from a bit of arthritis and had a small mass on her belly, but otherwise, she didn’t need any treatments.

But because she had been uprooted from a home that she had known all her life, she became anxious and disoriented in the shelter. She was understandably sad and withdrawn. Shelter life was not for her. Betty is already in her golden years, and she deserves to be in a loving home.

This is where Mark and Belen, a couple from New York, stepped in.

Foster parents

Belen was at home going through Facebook when she came across a post about Betty. She felt really sad that the dog was surrendered by his long-time owners and asked her partner if they could foster her until she could find a new home. He readily agreed.

They went to the shelter as soon as possible, and Betty was more than happy to go with them. The senior pooch was a bit hesitant on her first day and mainly kept to herself. But the next day, the dog felt safer and more comfortable. She showed that she was happy to be in their home and became more affectionate.

Betty became closer to her foster parents and would even wake them up early in the morning to go on walks. Eventually, someone was chosen to adopt the dog. Mark and Belen were informed of the development. But the couple didn’t want the senior dog to have to go through getting comfortable in a new home again.

So they decided to adopt her themselves. Betty merrily stayed with them for a few more months. Sadly, her old age had caught up with her, and her health deteriorated. She passed away a happy dog.

Source: The Dodo via Youtube

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