Portree, Scotland is a quaint seaside village. It is a tourist destination mostly because of its scenery, dainty shops and restaurants, and their post office. You may be wondering why tourists would want to visit a place’s post office. Well, that’s because Portree’s has the most adorable employee.

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Jax, a furball, helps the post office’s postmaster in running the office. Ray Chandler, Jax’s owner, has been managing the post office for two years. Ray and Jax are side-by-side in serving the people with their postal needs.

Jax always has a warm greeting ready for everyone. He is also in charge of the dirty work that is licking stamps. He loves the job, and the job loves him even though he sometimes misses the spot or eats the stamps. Nobody complains though because everybody adores Jax.

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With him greeting patrons when they walk through the post office’s doors, the sales of stamps will surely shoot up. Portree’s post office surely is unique. They are the only one with such an effective and lovable mascot. He always does his best to ensure that all of the customers’ needs are met at all times.

Imagine how wonderful it is to go all the way to your local post office and find a warm dog instead of a grouchy employee at the counter. Wouldn’t you want to stay a little bit longer to hang out around that kind of warmth?

If all post offices have a mascot like Jax, then maybe, people will go out and send their packages through the mail instead of going online right?

Video from Permie Scot on Youtube 

He is one of a kind. He is such a good working-class example to everyone. If ever you find yourself in Portree, make sure to drop by the post office and say hi to Mr. Chandler and his right hand, Jax.

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