Donna Lochmann of Stray Rescue of St. Louis received a call about a mama dog that needed help. The Good Samaritan said that the animal seemed injured, and she must receive immediate medical attention. Quickly, Donna gathered her team and drove straight to the rescue location.

Once at the site, the rescuers spotted the mama dog right away. She hopped through the dense vegetation. So as not to agitate her injuries, the rescue team decided to use a humane trap instead.

Donna and her crew watched from afar. A few moments later, the mama dog came. She starved and couldn’t resist the aroma of the tasty treats inside the cage.

As soon as the rescuers caught the mama dog, they placed her in the rescue vehicle. Donna noticed she was nursing, so they proceeded to look for her puppies. They searched in different directions and heard little cries not too far from where they caught the mom.

Carefully, Donna scooped the puppies up and placed them in a crate. Everyone was astonished as they initially saw six adorable puppies. But they were more astounded as Donna crawled into the den and pulled out more.

In total, the rescuers found thirteen gorgeous puppies. They carried the crate into their jeep and reunited the babies with their mom. Before leaving, the rescue team made sure to comb through the surrounding areas to make sure no one’s left behind. Once confident, they headed back home so the furry family could get the medical care that they need.

The vets treated the mama dog for her injuries. All thirteen puppies also received medical attention. Once cleaned, the rescuers gave the mom a hot meal and placed her in a comfy bed with her babies afterward.

Stray Rescue of St. Louis cares for the mama dog and her thirteen puppies today. But to help them thrive more, they need a foster home where they can all stay together until the time they’ll leave to be with their new forever families.

Credits to Stray Rescue of St. Louis


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