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An unidentified individual stole a French Bulldog named Hachi from a San Jose salon as the dog’s owner, Ron Biagini, was trimming the hair of a client. The 4-year-old dog was reported to have been coaxed out of the salon with some mangoes and then taken from the area. The dog’s owner has offered a monetary reward to anyone who can safely return the dog to him.

Ron co-owns the salon with his wife, Ann Biagini. He was truly devastated by what had happened, and he constantly did what he could in an attempt to get his dog back.

A man entered the salon on Wednesday morning, requested a haircut, and sat in the waiting area near the entrance. Ron believed that the individual must have observed Hachi, who was seated beneath the manicure section at that time. Ron also said that Hachi quickly disappeared, leaving behind only leftovers of some mango in his food bowl.

A surveillance camera captured the individual in the video looking around before exiting the salon with the dog tucked under his elbow.

It took Ron approximately fifteen minutes to notice that his dog had been stolen. As soon as Ron became aware of the issue, the police were promptly notified, and CCTV footage from nearby businesses was requested. Additionally, Ron posted about the dog on a variety of websites, but there have been no leads so far.

Ron offered a $1000 reward for the return of his dog, who has a completely white tummy and has light tan fur.

According to Ron, the dog was probably stolen because Hachi was a laid-back, sociable creature that adored everyone. Hachi would quickly befriend people who would go out of their way to pet the dog.

We are hoping that you get your doggo back, Ron! We’re hoping for Hachi’s safe return.

Source: Mercury News

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