After a week-long business trip, there’s nothing Matt Gorski wanted more than to have a well-deserved rest in his Brooklyn, New York home. Without a clue, he opened the door and stepped in. And there, he was greeted by a wiggly furry surprise: An adorably cute white puppy.

 “That moment was purely happiness,” said Gorski. “It’s the happiest day in my life. I really didn’t expect it.”

Here’s the footage of that special moment:


Whoever said the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach clearly never presented him with a puppy. 🤗🐶❤️🎉 Congratulations Fletcher! Have a wonderful life with your new two and four-legged family!#lifeisbetterwithapet

Posted by Bideawee on Friday, October 26, 2018

Evidently, Gorski fell in love right away with the pup. And George Michael felt the same way. He just kept jumping and bouncing. And he showered his new-found dad with kisses.

This was the moment Jenna Sacks, Gorski’s girlfriend, hoped to be heartwarming and tear-jerking. Clearly, she wasn’t disappointed. For long, the couple has been discussing the possibility of adopting a second rescue dog. So upon visiting Bideawee’s website where George Michael was made available for adoption, Sacks knew he’d be a perfect surprise gift for Gorski’s birthday.

“I cried once Matt came into the door. It was just so cute,” said Sacks. “Today, I still cry because of too much joy every time I watch their video. They’re both very happy.”

George Michael did not hit it off with Gorski alone. He also made a wonderful playmate and companion for Ponyo, the couple’s seven-year-old dog.

Photo Credits to Jenna Sacks via The Dodo

“We lost Ponyo’s Pitbull brother a couple of years back. And she’s been lonely since then,” said Sacks. “But once George Michael was home, she was amazingly different. She’s happier and more active now.”

But George Michael is as lucky and delighted as his new family members are. He found the sister he’s been looking for in Ponyo. And he now has Gorski and Sacks to shower him with love and tons of affection; something he didn’t experience in the past.

Video Credits to Facebook/Bideawee


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