Getting a new hairstyle is a fun and thrilling experience. Some people are afraid of the idea of cutting their hair since it is a big decision to make. It changes one’s look and confidence.

Our little Bichon friend in the video may not know how she looks dazzling on her new hairstyle. However, she enjoys the lightness from losing the weight of his previous hair. She also loves the attention she receives from the onlookers.

Watch the video below.

Toy poodle with haircut

Bubble butt 😂😱

Posted by Happiest on Thursday, January 17, 2019

Source: Facebook via Happiest 

While checking the video out, you will notice the different comments of internet users. Some individuals left negative comments about the video stating that it is a form of abuse and dog owners never make their dogs subject for entertainment.

There are also those who are happy with the outcome as the dog looks great and the hairstyle is just perfect for her.

Our thoughts

This article does not intend to side with any of the contradicting opinions left in the comments section of the video. Instead, we will focus on the importance of getting the hair of your dog done.

As mentioned above, cutting one’s hair whether it is a person’s hair or a dog’s hair is a big decision to make. However, just like human beings, dogs also need to feel comfortable with their own body. Thus, giving them a hair cut would make a big difference in their grooming and hygiene.

If you notice, the longer the dog hair gets the more tangles and clumps it has. Through this tangles and clumps, the insects and other harmful elements enter the body and eventually causes infection.

As for the style, dog owners should be responsible enough in choosing the best hairstyle that would suit their pets. It is also important to remember that even if their dogs are not capable of determining their preferred hairstyle, dog owners still have to consider how their dogs would feel once they see their new look.

Thanks to Happiest for sharing the story.


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