Anything becomes a bit more adorable when dogs are involved. That includes a maternity photoshoot. So, when the soon-to-be mom, Cozette, and her fellow French bulldog beau named Boudreaux posed for one, everyone was left in awe.

Cozette and Boudreaux are a canine couple from El Campo, Texas. Several weeks ago, these lovebirds sat in front of Cristal Malek’s camera to strike some of their most adorable poses. The two of them chose to do it the traditional way. They sat next to each other with a sign that says, “we’re pregnant.” In one of the pictures, Cozette and Boudreaux even shared a sweet kiss.

Posted by Cristal Malek Photography on Monday, September 9, 2019


Of course, the spotlight was on Cozette and her growing baby bump. She was the star of the majority of the shots, which included one that showed Cozette as she eagerly “read” a maternity book. The preggy dog momma also posed proudly and elegantly while standing on a chair. She was wearing a flowy maroon cloth that highlighted her belly.

According to reports, Cristal had already done photoshoots with dogs in the past. However, her photography session with Cozette and Boudreaux was the first time that she did a canine maternity shoot. Despite that, the result looked nothing but spectacular. Cozette looked very classy and blooming while her partner seemed like an excited dad.

Posted by Cristal Malek Photography on Monday, September 9, 2019


Cristal shared several photos of the couple on her Facebook page, Cristal Malek Photography, and captioned it with “And they call it puppy love.” Many people commented that the photos were the cutest thing that they have ever seen. They were also hoping to see the baby pictures soon.

Hopefully, they will do a follow-up photo shoot featuring Cozette, Boudreaux, and their adorable little puppies. That will surely look as breathtaking as the maternity shoot or maybe even better. Congratulations to these sweet, soon-to-be canine parents and their upcoming puppies!

Credit: Cristal Malek Photography

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