If you’re a big fan of America’s Got Talent (AGT), then you surely know Sara Carson from Ontario, Canada. The world-renowned dog trainer once wowed the difficult-to-please Simon Cowell with her astounding dog trick performance featuring her border collie, Hero. Simon loved her act too much that he even convinced the other judges to root for the young trainer and allow her to go on with the competition.

Sara landed the fifth spot in AGT thanks to her smart Hero and their mind-blowing dog tricks. Since her win, she has become quite the star in the dog training industry and even spread her advocacy for positive reinforcement training. She has also competed in other talent contests such as “The Super Collies” and “The Champions,” showcasing the natural wit of her beloved pooch.

Needless to say, Sara sees her dogs as a significant part of her life. After all, they were responsible for half of her success. That was why when she was planning her recent wedding, she decided to give Hero one of the essential roles in the ceremony, the first dance!

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Her husband, John Devine, a co-dog trainer, was eager to see the dog’s performance as well, so he instantly agreed to let the border collie take the first dance. On the big day, instead of the slow dances like most brides would pick, Sara decided to dance “Footloose” with Hero, and the result was definitely not disappointing!

Hero knew precisely what to do, even though Sara claims they didn’t practice anything at all. The dance was utterly spontaneous, and that was what added some flavor to the traditional wedding dance. Their dance mostly featured some of their AGT dog tricks, such as the pooch’s iconic jump through the bride’s arms, which left the audience in awe again.

Watch their adorable performance here.

Courtesy of The Super Collies


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