A 70-year-old man named Jeffrey Godsoe quit his life in the UK to build a special sanctuary for animals in the countryside in Vall D’ebo near Valencia, Spain. And in the course of a decade of doing this mission, he had homed more than a dozen of dogs, hounds, cats, and rabbits who have experienced neglect and abuse on top of other serious health problems. Locals even knew him as the wild man with all the dogs and he is considered a hero.

But just recently, lightning struck and caused a wildfire which then engulfed and destroyed the animal sanctuary Jeffrey had built for so many years and housed so many memories. Jeffrey and the other 1,200 residents in the area were fortunately evacuated on time but the dogs and other animals were trapped inside. He tried to reenter the property to save them but the firefighters didn’t let him get any closer for his own safety.

Jeffrey’s daughter, Sarah, expressed how devastated her dad was, thinking that he will lose all the dogs. Sarah had never heard her dad cry before all of this happened. Her dad built the sanctuary from scratch with just 40,000 pounds in his wallet. He made sure that the place was comfortable for all the dogs and that they would feel secure living in it.

He is definitely one of those people who live and breathe for their animals. After the fire, Jeffrey would spend his nights alone in his car on a remote road just near the site. He was offered temporary shelter but he refused as he wanted to remain close to his beloved sanctuary. His family set up a fundraiser to help him throughout the ordeal.

Currently, there is still no official report as to what really happened to the dogs. Jeffrey hopes that some of them managed to survive. But everyone knows that even if the dogs didn’t, they spent their lives with Jeffrey knowing they were loved so much.

Source: Express

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Chloe Roper
As a little girl living in the country side without many neighbors, my dog Sostee became my best friend. We shared an immense bond and I fell in love with these loving, beautiful and wonderful creatures. I knew from a tender age that I wanted to work with animals. I worked at the Humane Society of Northwest Indiana for a few years, and have experience with a variety of dogs and cats. When I’m not working as semi-retired Assistant Administrator in a Home Health Care Agency in Merrillville Indiana, I am a grandma frolicking with my active grandchildren and my sweet dog, Kresi.


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