Dogs need certain things to survive. Those things include safe shelter, healthy food, and regular exercise. Dogs also need specific stuff to feel comfortable.

That includes a dog bed. If you let your pup sleep on your bed next to you, then that’s okay. But if your canine companion has yet to receive their own bed, this is the time for you to consider buying them one. Yes, although your dog does not complain about sleeping on your hardwood floor does not mean they are comfortable doing so.

Our featured video should help you decide what kind of dog bed to buy. Here we have one privileged dog trying out three dog beds at different price points. Our dog bed model is Haru, the Shiba Inu.

The first bed Haru tries out is free of charge. Why you might ask. That’s because it’s mom and dad’s bed.

Haru looks comfy napping on mom and dad’s bed. The bed has white sheets and white pillows. They go well with Haru’s fur color.

The second bed Haru tries out costs $25. It’s a bed specially made for dogs. It looks like it has enough cushion, but it kind of looks small for Haru.

Haru does not like the bed all that much. Now, how did we come to that conclusion? Because in the video, we see Haru gnawing at the bed until it’s completely destroyed.

The last bed Haru tries costs $200. It looks bigger than the $25 dollar bed Haru destroyed. This one’s made with memory foam, which explains the hefty price tag.

We can tell Haru likes the bed. She probably likes it as much as she likes mom and dad’s bed. Haru turns out to be a high maintenance dog.

But Haru deserves that bed. So sweet dreams to you, Haru!

Thanks to Haru the Shiba Inu


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