Dogs are some of the most protective creatures that we’ll ever meet. We all hear about some rescue stories that involve our canine friends, and these stories continue to amaze us with these dogs’ selflessness towards their owners.

However, this protective instinct isn’t only for their owners. And, it looks like one baby bird needs to thank a certain Labrador for saving his life.

Did you get it?

In this video, one can see a dog swimming agilely towards the shore. Though it’s still not clear what made this adorable pooch jump in the water, it’ll only be a few seconds more before we can see it.

As soon as the black pooch made its way on shallow waters, it immediately walks towards its owner. But, before the pooch can walk away from the cold water, he placed something on it.

Quickly, fur dad picked up what the pooch gently placed on the water, and it’s the cutest thing you’ll ever see.

Yes! You saved that baby bird!

It turns out, the thing that the pooch named Jax carried while swimming is a baby bird.

Though it’s not seen in the video how the bird fell in the water, Jax’s owner relays that the pooch immediately sprang into action upon spotting the drowning bird.

Thankfully, Jax managed to snatch the baby bird just in time. If the pooch wasn’t there, for sure by now, the baby bird already drowned.

And, now that little bird’s finally safe, it’s time to dry themselves and head out to warmer grounds.

Jax’s heroic action serves as proof of how dogs make use of their skills and instincts to either protect or save the lives of those near them. Regardless of their relationship, it’s a guarantee that dogs would always come to the rescue when they’re needed.

To witness how Jax managed to pull the drowning baby bird out of the water, watch the short video below.

Video Credit: Rumble Viral via YouTube


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