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A mechanic became curious when he heard sounds coming from a dumpster. He went to check and was surprised to find a puppy that was abandoned there. The community replied with an outpouring of love and solidarity after he posted this story on the Internet.

This mechanic is R.J. Cornforth, and he was taking a break outside the Midas Auto Repair where he works in Shakopee, Minnesota. He was startled by sounds emanating from a nearby dumpster, so he opened the lid to investigate. Inside, he observed a bag with a tight zipper and some slight movement. When he opened it, he saw the face of a small, tan puppy.

Cornforth stated that seeing the animal made his chest feel heavy. He could not understand how people could be so heartless.

According to a Facebook post by the Shakopee Police Department, a veterinarian diagnosed the dog with a bacterial infection and a fractured jaw. However, the puppy is anticipated to recover fully.

Since being rescued from the dumpster, the dog has received tons of love and assistance. The town of Cornforth has apparently adopted the dog and named it Midas. The community has responded in great numbers, donating treats, toys, and cash for the unfortunate animal. All of these events occurred after the Shakopee police department’s Facebook post went viral.

Reed Styve, the owner of the auto repair shop where Cornforth works, stated that he has had more queries about the puppy than about the vehicle repair services his business was offering. He believes it to be quite funny. Since then, he has directed all potential donors to local animal shelters.

The Shakopee police have no suspects or leads as to who committed this crime, but they remind the public that there are always compassionate options available. A little research is all that people need to do to find out where they can surrender unwanted pets or animals.

Source: WCCO – CBS Minnesota

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