It’s touching to know that people with disabilities have the heart to spread love and positivity towards other people who need encouragement and love. It is considered a bonus if there’s a dog companion who will brighten up the day of someone who needs inspiration and emotional support.

Dynamic duo TJ and his service dog, Corey, are visiting the elderlies at Saline Memorial Hospital’s Saline House every Sunday to give joy to the residents there.

TJ is a young man from Arkansas who was born with cerebral palsy and tardive dyskinesia. Tardive dyskinesia is a medical condition that caused uncontrollable jerking movements to an individual. TJ has been a wheelchair user throughout his life.

Corey is a chocolate-colored Labrador retriever who serves as TJ’s service dog. Corey is assisting TJ in various ways: picking up items on the floor, closing doors for TJ, turning off light switches, among others. He also comforts TJ when he is sick and when his mom is feeding him through a tube on his stomach.

Before Corey came into his life four years ago, TJ had difficulty socializing. It is a challenge for him to make friends and to bond with other people. Corey helped TJ in improving his people skills.

Despite that TJ needs assistance, he is also aware that others also need emotional support during trying times. He thought of visiting the hospice patients together with his dog to give smiles to the elderly. TJ and Corey are spreading positive vibes to the community.

Sadly, most of the residents at the hospice have no regular visitors. The residents are always looking forward to seeing TJ and Corey because they need someone to inspire them to live.

Continue to show positivity towards others, TJ and Corey! The world needs individuals (and dogs) like you!

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