Past experiences should not hinder happiness. That’s what this sweet little pitbull has taught his mom. Mr. Breakfast did not always have the happy home that he has now.

Mr. Breakfast was rescued from a dogfighting ring. Though he was adopted a couple of times, he was always brought back to behavioral issues. This is not Mr. Breakfast’s fault as he was never trained or raised to be pet.

Mr. Breakfast is also deaf, which poses a challenge for the families that adopted him. Liz has worked with dogs before, and she was told that Mr. Breakfast would be perfect for her. And he is.

When Liz got him, he already knew a few sign language but was still unsure about himself and Liz. He just needed to trust her a little more. When they saw people surfing with their dogs, she thought it would be a good idea to try it out too and Mr. Breakfast was up for it.

When he climbed the board, he was wagging his tail, which means he was excited to try this new adventure. At first, he would look back and rely on Liz not to get wrecked. Over time, he does not look back anymore and would only look forward.

Surfing has made their bond stronger. Mr. Breakfast has also gained confidence and trust since their first adventure. Mother and dog understand each other better now too because of their sport.

Mr. Breakfast has come a long way since his dogfighting days. He is now seen as always smiling and being a happy dog. He is a constant reminder to his mom that anyone can be happy no matter what your past is.

His new perspective in life and his new attitude towards it is rewarding enough according to his loving mother, Liz.

Source The Dodo via YouTube

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Chloe Roper
As a little girl living in the country side without many neighbors, my dog Sostee became my best friend. We shared an immense bond and I fell in love with these loving, beautiful and wonderful creatures. I knew from a tender age that I wanted to work with animals. I worked at the Humane Society of Northwest Indiana for a few years, and have experience with a variety of dogs and cats. When I’m not working as semi-retired Assistant Administrator in a Home Health Care Agency in Merrillville Indiana, I am a grandma frolicking with my active grandchildren and my sweet dog, Kresi.


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