Like humans, dogs also have a fantastic story to tell.

Dogs can be a source of our daily inspiration. Dogs can play different roles; they can be heroes, best friends, assistants, rescuers, among others. Dogs can also teach us about resilience, loyalty, unconditional love, heroism, and the list goes on.

One dog’s story is so inspirational that her owner decided to write a book about her.

Jill McGlaughlin of Rockingham County, Virginia, wrote a book about a stray dog she rescued during a family vacation at Mississippi. The dog remained with them throughout their vacation.

When their holiday was over, the dog followed their car. Jill’s family realized that they could not leave the dog behind, so they decided to bring her home.

They brought the dog at the vet as soon as they reached Virginia to make sure that she is healthy and she didn’t have any microchip. It turned out that the dog doesn’t have a microchip, and they finally decided to adopt the dog formally. They named the dog DD.

DD was a frail and thin dog when Jill’s family decided to give him a forever home. At present, DD looks healthy, happy, and satisfied dog.

Jill posted DD’s story on her Facebook account. Everyone who read about DD’s story was moved by it, so they encouraged Jill to write about DD’s life into a book to inspire others. The book would be a great help for other stray dogs too.

Jill always dream of writing and her book, and she thinks that DD’s story is the best way to start.

Jill wrote DD’s Miracle in two years. Jill can’t believe it when she saw the hard copies of her book. She felt ecstatic and nervous at the same time.

Some of the proceeds of DD’s Miracle are donated to the non-profit animal rights organizations in Mississippi and Virginia.

DD’s Miracle is available at Target, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Mascot Books. Jill is happy to share DD’s story with the rest of the world. She hopes that people would learn something from DD’s book and would encourage them to adopt.

Photos courtesy of DD’s Miracle via Facebook


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