No matter where you are in the world right now, you’ve probably heard of COVID-19. It’s the first time that people in the medical field encountered the virus, and they’re still finding ways to treat it. With the virus taking away thousands of lives every day, medical professionals found themselves racing against time.

World leaders contributed to the situation by placing their countries under lockdown. Although their decision earned different reactions from the people, everyone was left with no choice but to follow. Employees found themselves with lots of free time on their hands despite the need to attend online meetings and submit reports.

Entertainment during the lockdown

People have been using their free time to do different activities to keep themselves entertained during the lockdown. Aside from attending online classes and watching movies, people have also been looking at adorable dog photos. Among those whose pages have been receiving lots of views the past months are the adorable French Bulldog duo, Theo and Cato.

A lot of people have been visiting their pages on Facebook and Instagram for their daily dose of good vibes. The Frenchies don’t seem to mind posting for their owners; they’re always ready to strike a pose whenever they see a camera in front of them. Sometimes their favorite human would let them wear identical costumes, making them look extra adorable.

Theo and Cato’s mini-adventures

Aside from wearing similar costumes, Theo and Cato also love it when their owner wraps them like a burrito. It’s the “costume” that they love the most because it keeps them warm.

When they’re not busy posing for the camera, the two French Bulldogs go on mini-adventures with their owner. Snippets of these adventures are posted via Instagram stories for their followers to see. Head on over to their Instagram account to see more of Theo and Cato!

Credits to Theo & Cato


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