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A husband was told by his wife that she was going to host a gender reveal party, and when he heard that, he immediately thought that they were already pregnant. But he thought wrong.

This wife is Joy, and she talked to her friend, Carlye Allen, to help her out with the party. Carlye is a photographer, and Joy wanted to have a photoshoot in preparation for the party. Carlye was surprised, though, when she was told that it wasn’t gong to be a photoshoot of a baby.

What they were going to work on was an announcement for a new dog that Joy would be adopting. Joy’s husband, Brady, still had no idea about the whole thing. He still thought that they were pregnant.

Joy and Brady were actually looking for a rescue puppy that they could adopt. They knew they found the puppy to adopt when Carlye informed them of five puppies rescued from a railroad. Carlye sent Joy a photo of the puppies, and Joy knew that one of them was going to be theirs.

Joy said that she and her husband love being silly. There was a time that Brady jokingly said that there should be a photoshoot for the puppy that they were going to adopt, and Joy was okay with that.

On the photoshoot itself, Brady was told to go to the yard, and that’s when he first met the newest family member. It was a dog, and he was happy about it. Now he knew what the party was all about. Brady and Joy named the dog Rey, after Rae of the Star Wars movies.

Carlye’s job during that day was to take photos of the whole event, and she said that it was filled with various emotions. She had a great time taking photos, and she loved the feel of the event.

Posted by Photographed by Carlye Allen on Sunday, May 6, 2018

Source: Photographed by Carlye Allen


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