Dogs do play valuable roles in humans’ lives and Mellow, the dog, proves he is one but the sweetest companion the Downs ever had.

Mellow has been with the family for 13 long years. Chris and Katie Downs, of Missouri, adopted him since he was a puppy. He was there when there were only the three of them until Katie got pregnant and they became a family of four.

A bright boy was born; they named Leo, and he became an instant playmate to Mellow. They were best friends. They would sleep in the same bunk bed, Leo takes the upper side and Mellow below him.

Mellow, did form the best relationship to Chris too. He brought him to anywhere to the point that it would surprise Katie if someone knew Chris and not know Mellow.

By early 2019, they suddenly lost Mellow to a natural cause. The family exceedingly grieved but the one who was hit the hardest was his little buddy, Leo. Who would now be with him in his games, and his sleep?

Leo felt he was left alone until the boy decides to get another dog. Though the family thinks that they still needed some time to cope with Mellow’s loss, the boy insisted on getting another puppy so he could move on.

He repeatedly begged his daddy to get one. Katie then made a move to visit Stray Rescue of St. Louis’s FB page in hopes to find a good pup to help their little child mend his broken heart. Amazed, she finds a little doggie who looked the same as when Mellow was a pup, and his name was as adorable as him, Nutty Buddy.

The parents decide to give their boy a surprise so what they did was in the day they anticipated Nutty Buddy to be given to them, Chris and Katie made it look like they were going to donate to the shelter. They had Leo wait, and when they came back, the boy bursts into tears the moment he saw the dog in the technician’s hands.

When his parents told him it’s his, he couldn’t get a hold of himself! He was too happy, and overwhelmed!

While nobody could replace Mellow in their hearts, Nutty Buddy would surely do an exceptional job not as Mellow’s replacement but as the Nutty Buddy that he is!

Source at Chris Downs via Facebook



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