Chance is a goat who loves taking over his doggy brother’s bed. Sammy, on the other hand, does not stand a chance against his goat sibling because Chance guards his bed like a hawk.

Sammy’s human mom, Roberta Russo, shared that she took a lot of videos of the goat who kept on refusing to let her dog sleep on his own mattress. Roberta recalled that Chance would immediately headbutt Sammy and knock him off as soon as he sees Sammy putting his paw on the bed.

Massive Dog Adopts Special Needs Goat

Sammy is a 200-pound mastiff who is SO sweet and protective around a little rescue goat named Chance. Today on Odd Couples, watch Sammy let Chance head butt him and steal his bed ā€” because he loves his goat BFF more than anyone in the world šŸ’š

Posted by Odd Couples on Thursday, April 26, 2018

Sammy runs and comes back to try and retrieve his ownership of the bed, but Chance just stands guard and claim the mattress as his by standing on top of the mattress.

Sammy, the two-hundred-pound Mastiff, loves watching over his goat sibling with special needs. Jordan Russo of Farm Animal Rescue shared that Sammy’s a typically lazy dog, but he guards Chance as soon as he sees that the goat is relaxing or sleeping.

Jordan said that Sammy acts like Chance’s doggy bodyguard, and thinks that Chance is his baby. Jordan recalled that she often sees Sammy watching Chance whenever he drinks from his bottle.

Chance lives at the Farm Animal Refuge, and Sammy visits him every weekend. They recalled that Sammy knew that Chance needed an extra dose of love as soon as he met the goat with special needs.

A local goat meat farmer surrendered the six-day-old Chance to the Farm Animal Refuge because the goat could not walk on his own. It turns out that Chance was born with contracted tendons in his hind legs.

Sammy helped Chance gain his confidence, and Chance eventually did. Roberta shared that she feels somewhat guilty that the goat was bullying her dog, but she knew that Sammy lets Chance be because he loves him so much.

Source: Odd Couples via Facebook

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